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The capital of Umbria was founded by the Etruscans in the VII century b.C.  The historical centre is one of the largest and interesting in Italy. From the ancient Etruscan remains to the Middle-Ages, from Renaissance to Baroque, every period produced absolute masterpieces. This beautiful town will surprise and charm every visitor with unexpected sites and views.


half day Itinerary

- Rocca Paolina (underground town)

- Porta Marzia (Etruscan gate)

- Corso Vannucci (main street)

- Palazzo dei Priori and Sala dei Notari

- Cathedral

- Fontana Maggiore

- Arco Etrusco (Etruscan gate)

- Medieval alleys and panoramic views


• we suggest to visit one of the following sites during a half day visit:

- Nobile Collegio del Cambio (frescoes by Perugino) *

- Nobile Collegio della Mercanzia *

- Etruscan Well *

* Entrance fee


full day Itinerary

One of the following sites can be added to the basic half day visit.


a) Quarter of Porta Santa Susanna

b) Quarter of Porta Sant'Angelo

c) Quarter of Porta San Pietro

d) Visit of the Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria *



•► Practical information

The coach (with the necessary access permit) can leave the group at Piazza Partigiani. Escalators will lead to the historical centre. The groups will meet the coach back at Pian di Massiano, to be reached by "minimetṛ".


The access permit to Piazza Partigiani for the coach and the tickets for the "minimetṛ" can be booked at the office of Guide in Umbria, 075 57 32 933

 ++39 075 5732933 - 5737898




 ++39 075 5732933

 ++39 075 5737898