The terrace on the Trasimeno lake

Amid a village and a castle, a shell-shaped little town

Anciently a medieval castle, Panicale is still surrounded by its original 12th century defensive walls, and is set in a dominating position above Lake Trasimeno.

Within the walls the town is structured in a circular shape, that peaks at the highest point of the city from which it is possible to enjoy a breathless view of the Lake and the surrounding hills.

Just outside the city walls, Panicale keeps a treasure in a small oratory, the famous fresco made by Perugino, depicting the Martyr of St. Sebastian.

+ Itinerary

  • The central Piazza with the old 15th c. cistern
  • The Collegiata
  • Masolino square and the Palace of Podestà
  • Oratory of St. Sebastian with Perugino’s Martyr of St. Sebastian*
  • Theatre “C. Caporali”*
  • Museum broidery, formerly Church of St. Augustine*

* entrance fee