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Our professional tour guides will lead you to discover the homeland of Saint Francis and Saint Benedict. You will dive deep into the mysterious Etruscan and Umbrian civilizations, and you will have the chance to visit our enchanting medieval cities such as Assisi, Perugia, Gubbio, Orvieto and Spoleto, where extraordinary three-thousand-year history art treasures can be admired.
Guide in Umbria offers you guided tours and itineraries spanning from the ancient times, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance to contemporary art in Umbria.
Umbria is the green heart of Italy. Nature and thousand-year old human activities shaped a unique landscape made of mountains, hills and broad valleys covered with vineyards and olive trees. We enrich our tours with sustainable tourism routes and slow travel itineraries that combine hikes in nature with culture and local food and wine. We organise visits to oil mills and wineries, hiking trips and bike tours. Our tour guides have a deep historical and artistic knowledge combined with a more comprehensive awareness about our area, its products, and its human and natural heritage.
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Guide in Umbria puts its deep knowledge of Umbria region and its twenty-year experience at your disposal to help you planning your own itinerary.


Art Cities

Our visits to art cities in Umbria

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Our visits to hamlets in Umbria

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Other Places of Interest

Our visits to other places of interest in Umbria

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