The capital of extra-virgin olive oil

Village perched on the top of a steep hill surrounded by olive groves

Located on a promontory above the Valle Umbra, Trevi has a strikingly picturesque appearance for those who approach the city from the valley.

Admired by poets, painters or simple travelers during the centuries, Trevi still fascinates the modern visitors who wander peacefully in the medieval piazzas and streets enjoying the quiet atmosphere of ancient times.

The city is enriched by important Romanesque and Gothic churches such as the Cathedral of St. Emiliano, the city patron, and the church of St. Francis, that currently houses the city museum with major works of Renaissance painters such as the Coronation of the Virgin by Lo Spagna.

Thanks to the good quality of olive oil locally produced, Trevi is also known as the “capital of olive oil”.

+ Itinerary

  • Communal Palace and medieval tower
  • Cathedral of St. Emiliano
  • Medieval streets
  • Museum of St. Francis (that houses the famous panel with the Coronation of the Virgin, by Lo Spagna)*

Just outside the city walls visit the Church of Madonna delle Lacrime decorated by frescoes made by Perugino and Lo Spagna. **

Places worth visiting in Trevi area

  • The Clitunno baths*
  • The Temple of Clitunno, IV c. a.d.*
  • The olive tree of St. Emiliano (the oldest tree in the region)

* entrance fee

** Visits have to be booked in advance

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