Art cities

Città di Castello

Located in the Upper Tiber Valley, it is the city of the artist Alberto Burri

Città di Castello is the “capital” of contemporary art in Umbria

The geographical position is eccentric if compared to the other cities of Umbria. The Renaissance nature of its monuments makes it the most important artistic center of the Upper Tiber Valley and its landscapes, celebrated by Pliny the Younger, have always fascinated great artists such as Raphael.

Alberto Burri, one of the great Italian artists of the second half of the 20th century, was born and lived in this city. His works can be admired at the Museum of Palazzo Albizzini and at the Ex Seccatoi del Tabacco, both set up by the artist.

+ Half day itinerary

  • Cathedral
  • Early medieval belltower (exterior)
  • Medieval public palaces
  • San Francesco church
  • Palazzo Vitelli

Museums (possible full day extension)

  • Museo Diocesano *
  • Pinacoteca Comunale *
  • Museo Burri in Palazzo Albizzini *
  • Museo Burri in the Ex-Essiccatoi *

* Entrance fee

Pratical Informations

We advise to include at least one of the listed museums into the visit.