Hometown of the commander Gattamelata

Narnia, the ancient Latin name for Narni, inspired Lewis for the title of his famous fantasy novel

Narni dominates the narrow Nera gorge and the valley of Terni from the top of a hill. Thanks to its strategic position down the Flaminia road, the town became particularly important during the Umbrian and later Roman period. A second flourishing medieval period can be discovered through the beauty of the religious and public monuments. On top of the hill we find the dominating 14th century fortress.

Very interesting are the Cathedral of St.Giovenale and the little romanesque church Santa Maria Impensole.

Palazzo Eroli offers an interesting museum with a painting by Ghirlandaio and you shouldn’t miss the “Narni Underground” circuit.

+ Itinerary

  • Garibaldi square with its early medieval cistern
  • St. Giovenale Cathedral (that keeps the 4th century sarcophagus of St.Giovenale, city patron)
  • Priors Palace
  • Church of St. Maria Impensole
  • Museum in Palazzo Eroli*
  • Medieval fortress *
  • Narni Underground and Church of St.Dominic**

* entrance fee

**entrance fee; the visit must be booked in advance