In the heart of the Apennines

Among the mountains and expert butchers, Saint Benedict, master of Western monks, was born here

Norcia is a small and remote town set on the fertile plain of Santa Scolastica, nestled in the Appenines mountains.

The town, divided into 8 quarters, is still protected by its original medieval city walls. Although hit by several earthquakes during the centuries, Norcia still retains most ancient vestiges such as the Romanesque churches of St. Benedict and St. Scolastica, medieval buildings and Roman ruins.

Anciently called, “Nursia Vetusta”, Norcia is world wide known as the birth place of St. Benedict, Patron of Europe, and St. Scolastica, his sister.

Don’t forget to taste the famous and well-known local specialties (truffles, salami, cheese and legumes).

+ Itinerary

  • Cathedral
  • Basilica of St. Benedict, that keeps the house where Benedict and Scolastica were born
  • central square, Communal Palace and the Castellina (XVI cent. Papal building)
  • visit of the town
  • visit of the so called “temple”, a masterpiece of medieval sculpture

It is possible to visit the Palace of the Castellina that houses the city museum.*

* entrance fee

Practical information

Meet the guide at the city door where the buses can stop.