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In the heart of the Umbrian Valley, it has always been a crossroads of commercial and cultural exchanges

Foligno was an important center of the Italian painting between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

Foligno has always been a busy town, both commercially and culturally.

Though heavily bombed during the second World War and victim of several earthquakes in the past, the centre preserves many interesting monuments.

The main attraction is Palazzo Trinci, magnificent noble residence, known for its original painted decoration.

In the months of June and September, the townships revives the 17th century with the spectacular festival called “La Quintana“.

+ Half Day Itinerary

  • Church of Santa Maria infra portas
  • Piazza della Repubblica (main square)
  • Palazzo Trinci (exterior)
  • Cathedral
  • Oratorio della Nunziatella
  • Palazzo Trinci*

*  entrance fee

Pratical Informations

It is preferable to contact the guide at least a few hours before the visit in order to establish the meeting point.